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What you need to know about Willow Blue

Cricket Bat Willow Growing Season


What is Willow Blue Timber

Willow Blue is "English Willow" (Salix Alba Caerulea) and the progeny dates back to 1902. This means it retains the original characteristic of the progeny, that other bat makers have not seen or used and nor do they understand the unique qualities of the timber grown in the Southern Hemisphere.

Willow Blue timber comes from our farm near Sale, from Strzelecki Ranges near Mirboo and from the MacLaren Plantation on the Yarra River and Watts River flats perfect for growing cricket bat willow. In particular timber that has colour and butterfly stain. Selecting timber with colour is your guaranteed the bat will hold tremendous rebound qualities meaning value for stroke splay.

 We call our English Willow, "Blue Willow" because our willow is grown in the Southern Hemisphere provide so many environmental and socio-economic and playing benefits that we wanted to put some distance between our product and that of our competitors. 

So we have turned the wording around and called it "Willow Blue".

What makes the best bats?

Everyone has an opinion and many who make or sticker them claim to have the best bats from the finest selected English Willow

As if any timber merchant would favour one bat maker over another. The fact is, most merchants can only guarantee 15% of any Shipment to be of first grade timber otherwise their would not be an industry. There will be at a minimum 4 different grades from a tree. The wider grain will be from a fast growing tree or the base of a tree and as you go up the trunk the grain narrows and we get different grades. 

So you can be certain... as a cricketer who must pay for his or her bat, you would would be very lucky to find timber that would be made available to the elite or sponsored players...  so  when it comes to the "Aesthetics" of a bat that is a personal choice? 

How big does a cricket bat tree grow? 

80 feet PLUS

Is the tree deciduous?

What colour are the leaves?
Another name for the tree is Blue Willow and with the help of wind the leaves appear aqua blue.

What sex is a cricket bat tree?

Where does it grow best?
Fertile river flats,

How long before harvest?
A tree will take 20 - 24 years to grow depending on the site and planting.

How many bats per tree?
22 - 40 bats per tree

What about pests?
Salix Sawfly, Borers and Man or Hash climatic conditions (sunburn)

What about up keep?
The tree requires de budding 2 or three times a year, weed control, mulching and spot spraying

What about growing Willow Blue on Hills?
Yes! it can be done but you will need our advice

What is the growing season?
September to March 

Who do you sell your timber to other Bat Makers?
We only sell to accredited Willow Blue Bat Makers. Those who have qualified from our Bat Making Course. 

Are you involved or linked with any other cricket bat willow growing project in Australia?
Definitely Not... none what-so-ever.