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Growing Crickt Bats in Australia

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The Game of Cricket Moving Forward

Posted on 10 December, 2017 at 17:40

Women's Cricket (WC) is up and running around the world and I am told it is in a financially sustainable situation.

This being the case, I believe it needs to be handed over to the Ladies to develop and nurture from this point on.

It is also time for the game to be handed over to its rightful shareholders around the world. In Australia it is the District Clubs and Associates and they must take control of our State Associations and reinstate their authority over the dictatorship that has become Cricket Australia (CA)... the game must administer itself the way it was established and originally set up or it will be owned by money and influence moving forward as it seems it already is.

As I have said many times a thorough review of those employed in cricket throughout Australia needs to be undertaken... the numbers employed grossly overlap the pre existing duties and responsibilities that naturally evolve within the game. The financial saving from this, better applied to grass roots cricket... after all this is where the responsibility of game development truly lies.

Yes! Administrators need to free up positions and employ qualified junior coaches rather than seat warmers. Quality cricket people to assist community clubs develop cricket skills for the boys and girls who are being attracted to the game.

From my experience the game does not need paid administrative workers across regions telling Volunteers what they should be doing... our cricket people are hard workers and are more than capable.

There is something else that needs to be pointed out... for what ever reason a cricketer fails to advanced to District Cricket (I hate the term Premier Cricket) they have missed their chance. But this does not mean they don't have a responsibility to the game.

It is now the time to nurture and provided opportunity for those coming through. The game need not be lost to you! You can now help the next generation by encouraging others.

The game needs to ensure it provides opportunities for cricketers past and present and reward them to take on roles within the community. This is where funds need to be invested.

To provide good coaching programs at the introductory level of the game because every opportunity should be afforded to those the game attracts... otherwise they are being neglected and I say they have for far too long.

Young children soak up everything that is taught to them and in no time at all... it just clicks for them. I have witnessed this as a coach. The excitement is contagious and in no time they are executing skills correctly, with confidence, technique and style.

Sure their nurturing takes patience, requires reinforcement and encouragement but once the child picks it up it stays with them forever, alleviating the need for corrective coaching at competition levels.

A further recommendation.. the outstanding graduates of this type of program should be employed (paid) as assistants to help advanced other participants in the junior development programs within the club. This promotes self esteem and confidence instilling cricketing values and admiration for those moving through the pathway system.

I believe cricket participation numbers will increase on the back of organised and structured development programs where families can witness the advances being made by their children and others generating greater community support and involvement.

I believe a greater number of talented Cricketers (boys & girls) will emerge from such initiatives... who knows we may even increase playing numbers across the country!

I also would encourage greater investment into junior cricket regional competition with sponsorship for representatives and T20 knockout comp prior to Big Bash games in each state with advancement to a national championship.

I would also like to see the best of the youngsters competing at an international level replacing under 17 and under 19 competition who by now should excelling at district crickets levels against hard nosed cricketers.

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