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Boxing Day Test A Disappointment

Posted on 1 January, 2018 at 19:15

So Melbourne's Boxing Day Test ends in a disappointing draw and what a painful 5 days it was for the bowlers. Having watched the first days play I made the prediction that Cook would bat for two days... and he didn't disappoint me. What a humble and modest man he is... a true champions and gentleman of the game, with exceptional concentration skills.

I must say that with the ball barely carrying to the Keeper the bowlers also put in a truly a herculian effort... all plugging away throughout on a very disappointing Test Match Pitch. Special mention must go to Warner and Smith... both leading from the front playing important roles in both innings.

We now look forward to Sydney... and it is shame the series was over before it had reached the two "G's!" The scheduling needs to be looked at by administration, that is for sure.

And so, whilst on the subject of Administration I refer to comments recently made by Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland below:

Yes! Test cricket is in danger I agree, but what is being done about it? We surely cannot blame the Cricketers... or can we?


Let me paint a picture for you and if I am off the mark... feel free to tell me. I'll let you make up your own minds.


When it come to the administration of the game... Where are all the Cricketers?


I think it's a fair question because they are certainly not running the game that's for sure. Otherwise the wickets around the world would be more conducive to good cricket offering an even contest to bat and ball.


I suppose I should clarify those who might be a cricketer... in my mind it can only be he or she who has played and performed at a reasonable level.


So a cricketer in my mind is someone respected by peers, has gone onto coach and inspire those with youthful ambition. There are some of course, who've gone on and achieved much more.

It is also worth stating that Cricketers never play for themselves, always the team and certainly never at the expense of aspiring youth. A Cricketer will respect and support the club and would never believe it operates for their own personal benefit. And one last thing... a true Cricketer is never a miss field, away from being an negative impact on his/her team mates.

History once proved that Cricketers rely on other cricketers they've elected into officialdom in order to keep the game on course, upholding traditional values,controlling purse strings and of course game develop as set out in various Articles of Association... "Crickets Constitution". Unfortunately this is now a thing of the past... As we've all seen over the past scandalous year.

Today it seems certain that those in power are no longer wanted by the overall majority of cricketers... especially at the grass roots level of "The Game!" And what is more, the incumbent have embedded themselves into office and cannot and will not be removed or replaced.


This is a "BS" situation!

A situation where the game is not making decisions on behalf of itself and when you consider the incumbents are telling us Test Cricket is sinking... I am disillusioned and dismayed further. Again I refer to the attached comments by James Sutherland.


It seems to me that James and his Board are so full of their own ego's they fail to recognise that it is "They" who are responsible for the state of Test Cricket and the game in general.


But for most of 2017 the CEO has been blaming his Cricketers, oblivious to the one real thing destroying the game... the lack of Cricketers involved in running the dam thing... does anyone really think for one moment that a Cricketer would want to produce a poor wicket for its cricketers, especially for Test Matches.

The Perth wicket is a tragic situation and it should not be. The MCG Pitch should be the best in world cricket... and so why isn't it the show piece of "World Cricket Wickets".

So you might ask who's responsible... Guess who, Yes! It is "Cricket Australia" that's who!... And all under the watch of Sutherland and his Board.


The MCG wicket once under the control of Cricket Victoria before the rights were sold off to Cricket Australia... the drop in wickets are have an negative impact on the game. But this is also happening everywhere more and more as Test Nation Administrators (Not Cricketers) look to bolster the paid positions they hold.


The problem is not just here in Australia... Let us take a look at Australia's last tour of England. History once proves "The Oval" pitch the best batting strip in world cricket. Edgbaston traditionally not far behind, but neither have played to standard in recent tours.


I ask the question Why? Is it because Administrators are looking to contrive results?


One thing is for sure... it is not the Cricketers... it is those employed by Cricketers to run the game and who now think they own it.


Again I think my questions are reasonable and need to be answered... The game has lost Cricketing values during James Sutherland reign and with the introduction of the Corporate High flyers and executives who wilfully turn their backs on unconscionable behaviour and this includes those with the ability to twist and misrepresent conversation, opinions or the information they pass on.


I think it all so shameful and I am fed up with those who work the figures to , promote or market the game on guesstimates... using the money belonging to the game, the "Grass roots of cricket" in order to promote or justify their employment.


There is a similarity here to the cricket types who for years occupy a position in the team, claiming they they are mentoring youthful aspiration... BS! But "Statistics" can be found on "Mycricket" these days proving conclusively that these types have nothing at all to pass on to anyone but somehow they've infiltrated the system.

Something needs to be done to save not only Test Cricket but the entire game everywhere and the first step is to remove the types failing and abusing it.


This is all happening at the expense of true leadership... those with the ability to anticipate and recognise issues before they happen. Yes, I believe this is where the game is at right now... and somehow the Cricketers have to fix it.

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