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Growing Crickt Bats in Australia

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Posted on 23 August, 2017 at 23:45

The future of Victorian Cricket will be decided to tonight at "Cricket House' Jolimont and to the Delegates I remind you of your obligation to the game.


I trust all Delegates have searched their conscience... spending all the necessary time discussing your pending vote with your playing lists and members... those you represent. Have you outlined just how critical this decision will be to the aspirations they have, their playing future or for those who'll follow them. You should have done... and well before now.


I hope so, for I am sure you'd want what is best for all Victorians Cricketers with aspirations to higher levels and that would surely "not be" for you to side with the incumbient Board, even though they seem to have seen some light of late... all too little too late, in the opinion of many!


For when Tony Dodemaide was appointed CEO of Cricket Victoria (CV) I like many in the game were excited... we believed we might have found the our crickets saviour, someone to  lead it back to the glory days. A time when home grown talent was plentiful and Test Match centuries were being rattled off by our home grown players all over the world.


At the time, I was the bowling coaching of Tony's former District Club "Footscray Edgewater", a club that has contributed greatly to Australian cricket over the years and hopefully will continue to do so if our cricketing system can be restored.


Ironically his club is now leading the charge for change and the reason comes from this... at his clubs season launch at the RACV Club, more than a decade ago, Tony made the following statement; "One third of all cricket being played in Australia is being played Victoria".


All these years later and under Tony's leadership and that of his Board lead by Russell Thomas, cricket in our state has gone backward... proof if you ever needed it, can be found in Cricket Australia's (CA) Cricket Participation Numbers. (or my diagram below) It shows playing levels in Victoria have fallen to less than 1/4 of the games total participants.... from 66% of all cricket played in our country to less than 25%.


Well that is disgraceful... "how can you congratulate" yourselves on that Tony Dodemaide and Russell Thomas? Perhaps you might like to explain how this happened instead of boasting how well the game is doing in our state! Oh that's right, you don't believe you have to answer to anyone!


I will concede Victoria has won a "Hat Trick" of Sheffield Shields and it paints a very nice picture. However if you look under the carpet, where the truth is swept, only 50% of the Victoria Bushrangers victorious teams were Victorian home grown cricketers... which means, either our cricketers are not up to standard or our cricket has worsened or both!


Another job poorly done... I'd say!


So how is it that any responsible cricket representative or administrator can stand up and support the incumbient who've blindly followed CA stategies, overseeing the decline in our cricket, rather than listen to those at the coal face of the game... the true cricket people.


Is it because they're dazzled by CA's "creative accounting" methods? A perfect example of this has been on display recently... so the following is also well worth considering:


CA claim cricket has 1.43m total participants.


800k they say involved in some form of cricket activity to do with the game in schools.


The most interesting statistic however, and again, swept under the carpet, has created a huge lump in the middle of the floor that CA were hoping we'd not notice... that is the 600k so called cricketers who've fail to migrate from school activity to club competition.


The breakdown of CA stats are as follows: NSW/ACT 395k, Vic 375k, Qld 280k, WA 185k WA, SA 125, Tas 45k, NT 25k, 185k indoor cricket


Lets us look at these figures again... 800k schools cricket+ 445k actually playing at club level + 185 indoor = 1.43mil of which 395k are females participating and described as cricketers.


This leaves 1.04mil Male cricketers meaning that out of every 100, about 25 are female cricket participants.


Ok lets say those figures are genuine and are reflected in those 445k actually playing club cricket... it means 18k are females, making 1.6k cricket teams compared to 39k male teams.


We can further assume that of the 18k females playing the game, half are from NSW & Victoria (9k) meaning 4.5k females are playing in Victoria compared to 108k males.


Also found under the carpet are the drop out numbers... CA or CV never mention that club cricket is down 32% from approximately 660k 25 years ago to 445k at club level today and in that number, only 135k are under 12 junior level.


For cricket administrators these hidden figures are tragic and nothing to celebrate... so how the hell, can 1/2 the District clubs in Victoria who claim they are fostering the game, sit on their hands rather than stand up for the game, when the majority of cricket people in Victoria are up in arm's seeking change!

What is going on!


Let us consider the 1.4 mil participants in Australia, of which 770k are from NSW & Victoria which is 1/2 of all participants. From this it is fair to assume 1/2 of all club participants are playing club cricket in NSW & Victoria.


This equates to 225,000 cricketers representing NSW and Victoria.


So what is so significant about this, I will tell you... it entiles NSW and Victoria to a huge share of funding from its investment in CA... set up by the owners of the games, but were are the returns and who's spending it and on what?

Just think about what could have been done with regular income to develop the game within each region of the State?


These are questions being asked by the "New 6" because these funds belong to the traditional owners of the game "The Grass Roots of Cricket". Made up of District Clubs in all states and their affiliates. In Victoria they are the 18 District Clubs, VCCL, VSDCA, CUOV and Womens Cricket.


Just for the record... Womens cricket holds 3 votes and currently hold the balance of power over the "NEW 6" who are seeking answers and change!


Lets put this in perspective... the Victoria Country Cricket League the producer of 49% of Victoria's State Cricketers and our Test players who generate the games income, have one losy 1 vote.


Ladies you need to reconsider your vote and get on the "right side" of Victorian Cricket... for you rely so much of the mens game for funding and each year CA increase its use of shareholder funds for their expenditure which ultimately reduces the effectiveness of each State in its endeavour to develop the game, your game or the mens... whether anyone likes this or not.


Something must be done about this and Victoria's "New 6" are doing "all the fighting" for Victorian Cricket and for the game in "All States" for that matter.


Meanwhile it's all too much for half the District clubs in Victoria including the Women... all bending over backward trying to do favours for themselves without the others knowledge, when they should be fighting for their share of the returns on their investment into the game... where is the transparency?


Consider this:


CA Forecasted revenue over next 5 years is $1.667 bill = 333.4 mil per year


Players to share 27.5% + 2.5% incentive bonus (30%)


$100 mil per year to players less 25 mil to grass roots leaving a gross profit of 233 mil of which 116mil per year should be shared between NSW & Victoria after cost. $58mil per year for Victorian cricket reducing at an never-ending rate thanks to CA's ever rising costs and never-ending effort to take away your share of the games ownership in Australian Cricket


In Victoria your ownship is supposed to be represented by CV who have failed you badly... can you not see this?

It is why District Clubs are up in arms for the game and its future... how can you allow failing administrators power to sell off your entitlements and negate your clubs ability to develop the game within your regions.


When was CA given the right to set about the task of taking ownership of all that has been put in place by your clubs cricketers since the 1860's and why are you not demanding an audit immediately.


As I see it... It is right of the ownsers to spend their share of their investment into CA earnings as they think best.

I feel I have done all I can for the game I believe in and hope the correct decision is made on Monday night the 28th of August 2017... as theoldsaying goes... you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink, let's us hope the "New 6" can make history.

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