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Growing Crickt Bats in Australia

Cricket Bats

What makes a good cricket bat?

Density of the timber. It is what gives the bat "Rebound and lasting qualities". 

As a Bat Maker with 40 years experience 

Ian Callen believes the finest English Willow in the world... is grown by Willow Blue Australia. 

Willow Blue rootstock was selected was by A.C. MacLaren the greatest batsman of his time. Archie once held of the highest First Class score 424 was 

Wisden Cricketer of the Year and had just scored his first Test Century. 

Having sourced the English Willow Root Stock he posted it to Australia in 1902.

Today Callen Cricket is supplying "Willow Blue" English Willow from MacLaren's original progeny to World Markets.

"I have found Willow Blue timber to have the most amazing qualities of resilience, density, strength and most importantly superior rebound." 

Ian Callen

The Callen "Woof" 424  Custom Made

Hand craft by Ian Callen from the finest "WillowBlue" English Willow (selected super grade).

Traditional or Bowed blade, Oval or Round Handles.

Large sweet spot positioned to enhance the perfect pick up, slightly concave with stylish lines.

Call Ian on *61439997751 to discuss options before you buy or make an appointment to visit his workshop and witness your bat being made.


The Callen MacLaren K9 "Woof" hollowed centre (a tradition since 1985)

The K9 "Woof" 

Hand craft from selected "WillowBlue" English Willow grown in Australia.

Traditional or Bowed blade, Oval or Round Handles.

Hollowed Centre and large sweet spot to enhance rebound and with pick up perfection, slightly concave with stylish lines. 

Call 0439997751 to discuss other option before you buy